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Dogwash Station on a Budget

Something I wanted to be sure we had before moving-in this fall is a warm place to wash the dogs. The weather is starting to turn cooler, and soon the outdoor garden hose bath we’ve been giving the dogs won’t be pleasant.  

So, Blaine and I took a few minutes over the weekend to install a dog wash area in our basement.

Blaine plumbing in the shower hardware

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A Dirty Job


One of the most ancient piping materials is clay, with its use dating back to 4000 BC.  From the late 1800s thru early part of 1900s, vitrified clay pipe (with a salt glazing applied to both the pipe’s interior and exterior surfaces, a “carry-over” process from Europe), was the most common pipe used for sewers in the United States.  


Vitrified clay pipe excavated at Hannah’s Hill.

With the installation of a new septic system here at Hannah’s Hill last week, first step was to dig and find the century-old clay sewage pipe near the house.   Continue reading

Runnin’ Pipe

We had some sweet visitors at the farmhouse recently when Blaine’s aunt and cousin came over from Kansas City – and they came ready to work!
On the agenda:  plumbing.
…. certainly not the most exciting work, but critical.
First thing to do was remove some of the piping to make room for new.
Up in the basement ceiling is the original metal piping

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