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Interior Paint Colors

This post is as much for myself as for anybody else (so I remember when it comes time to do touch-ups)!  😉

Double trouble at the paint store

For interior colors, back in 2016, Blaine gave me an eDesign Colour Consultation for my birthday.   It’s some of the best money we’ve spent on the project.  It gives peace of mind that our colors work well with our lighting, flooring, furniture, countertops, and other permanent surfaces.   Continue reading

Dog Days of Summer

Although we technically are in the dogs days of summer now, it hasn’t much felt like it lately. The weather here has recently been cool, which is a nice change from Houston’s steamy summers we’d gotten used to over the past several years.  Blaine and I have been taking advantage of it by working almost daily to get the house closer to move-in ready.

My Houston lemon tree is thriving in southern Illinois, so far.

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Icing on the Cake

Our plastering portion of the renovation project is finally complete!

The family room today with plastered walls and ceiling.

We started back at the end of spring and just finished last week. Blaine and I did the work ourselves, with occasional help from mom & dad, so it went rather slowly.  We covered roughly 10,000 sf of walls and ceilings.

Can you see the difference in the den below? Continue reading

Lost in My Own House

Drywall is up! And admittedly I’m a little lost… 🙂

The house looks so different with the walls covered.

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