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A Dirty Job


One of the most ancient piping materials is clay, with its use dating back to 4000 BC.  From the late 1800s thru early part of 1900s, vitrified clay pipe (with a salt glazing applied to both the pipe’s interior and exterior surfaces, a “carry-over” process from Europe), was the most common pipe used for sewers in the United States.  


Vitrified clay pipe excavated at Hannah’s Hill.

With the installation of a new septic system here at Hannah’s Hill last week, first step was to dig and find the century-old clay sewage pipe near the house.   Continue reading

Marble with Moe

It all started with a container sale, as in shipping container sale…
Just before Christmas, I stopped by Janet Wiebe’s container sale after work one evening and she had everything listed 50% off! She travels to France, Belgium, Spain and Italy to hand pick antique and decorative items to ship back to Houston to sell to designers and the general public. I purchased a small French iron table, but it came without a top.

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Memorial Antiques & Interiors

It’s been a cloudy rainy week in Houston and today was no different. During this afternoon’s rainstorm, I spent a few hours on my day off wondering around Memorial Antiques and Interiors with my friend, Matt.  The store was a sight for sore eyes!  Here, I’ll show you around the store…  🙂

I thought the colors of this old grain bin were so pretty.

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December Progress

Merry Christmas!
I was lucky enough to spend Christmas in southern Illinois with friends and family, but unfortunately Blaine was called out to a rig and couldn’t come with me.
December has been a slow month for house progress, but I’ll share with you what little progress we’ve made.
Lincoln on Christmas Eve at Hannah’s Hill