Me and my husband


My name is Miranda, and I am one of many grandchildren of Hannah. I grew up in the same small town as grandma, and visited her house often with the company of many cousins, aunts, uncles and other family friends. Most of my family still lives in the same small town today, and soon my husband and I will be relocating back there to settle down and raise our (future) family.

We purchased the property, which we now refer to as Hannah’s Hill, in fall of 2015. At the time, my grandma Hannah, at the age of 80, was staying at an assisted living home and it was decided that she would not be able to return back to the property to live on her own. The family sold ┬áthe property to me and my husband, knowing our intention was to renovate it and make it our primary residence.

Today, my husband and I are living and working in Houston, Texas and thankfully soon after the house purchase, my husband landed a position within his company that allowed him to work on rotation. So once a month on his days off, he is able to travel north to work on the house. The house was in quite disrepair and is going to take a lot of work to get it back in good condition, but we’re excited for the challenge and feel privileged to have the opportunity to make it shine again. We are trying to do most of the work ourselves, with the help of my mom, dad, and other friends and family. We hope to have the house move-in-ready sometime in 2017.