A Case for Café Curtains

In this previous post, I showed our new little café curtain installed in our downstairs bathroom. In case you were thinking of doing the same in your home, I wanted to share a few ideas for where to use them.

These dainty blue print curtains are in the mudroom of a charming Tudor home. Tessa Foley designed these.

Love the happy European kitchen below!

Next, I love this curtain used to skirt a sink cabinet!

Brooke from Patina Farm uses curtains on a café rod below her bathroom sink.

Below, Holly Mathis uses them beautifully on several different projects in Texas.

I recently added a pleated linen curtain to the opening below our sink in the mudroom.

Hi Lincoln 🙂

I used an unlacquered brass curtain rod and clips here, similar as we used in the bathroom window.

Establish Design example – love that soapstone sink! Looks like they used the same hardware as me.

Pretty café curtains in this green kitchen below.

Café curtains in Nancy Meyer’s beautiful new kitchen.

And one more example of café curtains in this cabin via Mountainworks. Love that Dutch door also!

I hope you found some inspiration! 


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