Summer 2022

Our summer is off to a good start and I hope yours is too! It’s really hot here this week so we’re spending time watering plants and playing in the baby pool in between naps, swim lessons, and T-ball games.

Jack’s T ball season is almost over (just two more games left). This was his first time playing it and he warmed up to it really quickly. His coaches have been super great & encouraging too, which makes it all the better for Jack and the other little guys on his team.

T ball photos by my dad 🙂

George and his Sunday school buddy, Truett, wore matching outfits by surprise recently 🙂

On Jack’s last day of PreK we treated him to ice cream

At our favorite place – Rural King! George always goes straight for the free popcorn. 🙂

Our plants are growing and filling in nicely in the front landscaping. All 17 peonies came up this year and only one produced a flower, which I think is normal for young roots?! Looking forward to them maturing and producing lots of big light pink blooms! Our Annabelle hydrangeas grew very well this spring.

Our butterfly bushes, Russian sage, variegated lilies, Shasta daisies, and ornamental grass all came back this spring

I can’t recommend Maryanne White enough! We’re just loving how our front landscape/hardscape is coming along.

Jack brought me this heart shaped magnolia leaf one morning when I was drinking my coffee on the porch 🙂

In our raised bed garden, the rhubarb roots that Blaine planted early spring have come along. Lots of herbs from last year came back this spring also. Still planning to add pea gravel and fence around this area…sometime…!

Blaine took Jack to a monster truck show at the local fairgrounds and they both had the best time! Jack is still talking about it weeks later.

Lincoln stays cool on the back porch most days. He is such a good boy!

I hired a professional photographer to come over to our house one evening and shoot some candid photos for us – before the boys grow up!  Stephanie did a wonderful job! 

These little imperfect petit fours are becoming one of my favorite things to make. They’re buttery pound cake with lemon curd, strawberry or raspberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream. Then they’re dipped in a vanilla almond glaze and topped with buttercream flowers. 

Nap time is over so I’m off!

Until next time,




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