A Simple Curtain

I installed a simple white linen café curtain to our downstairs bathroom this afternoon in between playing tag with Jack and while George was napping. 😀 I’m pleased with how it turned out!

I ordered the white linen double pleated curtain from this shop on Etsy a while ago. The seller was prompt and assisted me in getting the curtain size right for our window. The curtain arrived neat, clean and ironed – ready to hang.

I’ve been hunting for the perfect café curtain rod for some time and finally found the one at this shop. It’s a custom cut rod and I ordered it in unlacquered brass. I ordered these pinch clip rings in unlacquered brass too. It was supposed to be backordered until sometime in May but everything arrived within a week or so. I think it’s custom cut and packaged in Portland, Oregon.

With Blaine gone, I tackled this little project all by myself! 🙂

I measured where the brackets needed to go inside of the window trim and drilled little pilot holes to help the screws go into the wood easier later.

Then I screwed in the brackets by hand using the brass screws that were provided. Next, I simply hung the rod (with the curtain on it) in the brackets. The protruding part unscrews from the bracket so you can fit the rod end inside of it.

I think it turned out nice!


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