A Serendipitous Vacuum

Y’all – I had been saving up for a Miele vacuum. I’ve been reading about them for a while and have heard rave reviews from several other bloggers that I follow. You won’t believe where I stumbled upon ours!

My friend, Lindsey, and I were out together one day with our babes and for some reason decided to stop at Goodwill. I can’t even remember why we went in there now! I used to enjoy shopping Goodwill when we lived in Houston but not so much here in rural Illinois. But this stop did not disappoint!


I found a newish looking Miele vacuum – listed for $200! I climbed up on a bucket and plugged it in at the store. (Why are their outlets 8 ft off the floor there?) It worked!


The best part, though, is that green sticker items were half off that day! It just so happens the Miele was a green sticker item. 

I’m really liking this vacuum! It’s very quiet and has such a strong suction. Even my husband commented that it was impressive. 

I could go on and on about how wonderful this little vacuum is – it’s very well designed. German, I think! If you’re in the market for one of these, start saving! Or go check your local Goodwill! 😀


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