Basket Weaving

I recently went to a MOPS Basket Weaving Class and thought I’d share a little bit about it. It was so much fun and I’m amazed at how good my little basket turned out. 🙂 I’ve never weaved before!

Hope y’all are staying warm today! We’re snug as a bug in our house with the radiators boiling and the fireplace burning. More snow and ice is falling as I type. I just went out and checked on the chickens – they’re warm in their coop. The cows seem content in the pasture with plenty of fresh hay to eat.

Looking out George’s bedroom window this morning

Our big 1 year old!

Jack is home from school today

Ok, onto the weaving! 🙂

A few ladies from church, who’ve been weaving for nearly two decades, taught the class. We did a simple oval basket made of reed.

We started by lining up the base

This part reminded me of making a lattice top pie crust.

Then locked the base into place

We bent up the corners and pinched them together

I forgot to mention that we first soaked our reed in water. This will allow it to bend without breaking.

Then we started weaving the sides from the bottom up

Coming together!

Carrie helped me finish the top with a thicker reed

We finished our little beginner baskets in about three hours, with an intermission for appetizers. Not too bad! This basket we made without any glue or nails. It dried completely overnight and will hold its shape.

All done!

Having finished just one small basket (with much help from weaving experts), of course now my mind is racing thinking of all the things I could potentially make in the future! 🙂 Walk before you run, right? I definitely need lots more practice with the basics before branching out, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities!

Woven lampshade from Maison Maison. (Would need a metal frame to start the weave on, I’d think?)

A hand woven Easter basket idea from Williams Sonoma with a D handle. I think I could actually do this!

Ah, here’s a kit I found on eBay – about the right size for an Easter basket. 

I purchased this vase this week. Love the texture. I don’t think I could pull this off just yet myself, but it sure makes me appreciate the person who made it!

Here’s an idea… I could turn this into a lamp if I ever got tired of it as a vase:

via Mainly Baskets

More nice heavy duty hearth baskets, dog bed, and other large sturdy basket via Mainly Baskets:

Check out this American antique baby basket!

An incredible woven seat armchair via Chairish.

I actually have an old cooler basket like this, which I found in Texas. It’s lined with metal inside, so I use it as a planter on the porch. 

Here is another basket that I came across. It’s miniature for an American Girl doll! It comes with clothespins. So cute!

I see now why baskets can be so expensive. They are all hand woven and take many hours to complete – let alone the cost of materials! I have a new appreciation for all things woven!



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