Pantry Cleanout

Now that Jack is back at PreK this week, I’ve found a bit of time to clean out our pantry. It was long overdue


I took everything out, tossed expired items, consolidated snacks, and put things back in, sorted by like categories. 

We use simple steel racks from Costco in our pantry (similar here). Sam’s Club sells them too.

My helper, George 🙂

The idea to use these steel racks was inspired from Joan at For the Love of a House. 

Joan’s pretty pantry

We use these baskets from Ikea to help group small like items together. (i.e. tuna packs, canned sardines, things like that.)

We use a bigger version of the baskets above for bags of chips and larger snacks too. I can’t find the exact baskets on their website anymore though. Another thing we use are these airtight OXO containers, which are handy for pasta, rice, and snacks too.

I’m thinking about getting three of these white plastic boxes on rollers to put at the very bottom of the pantry for bulk items (i.e. 25# bags of rice, 10# bags of flour, etc). I could maybe put Tupperware in these also.

For now, I’ve added this large lidded basket to the bottom to hold some odds and ends. I bought it last summer to hold some of the boy’s stuff and it works great in the pantry too!

Much better!

Happy organizing! 



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