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Though it’s still a few months away, Jack is already getting excited about Easter! He asks me almost daily about it. “It is Eastertime yet, mom?” 🙂 So, it’s been on my mind.

 While it seems our country is quickly spiraling into socialism and running away from our conservative Christian heritage, Easter is being boiled down to nothing more than a time to wear pastels, hunt pretty eggs, and have a visit from a big bunny. Though our family will be partaking in those fun traditions, because traditions are important, we will also teach our boys the true meaning of Easter. It’s the most important holiday for Christians! I’ve rounded up some ideas to help make this holiday extra special at your house.


A pretty Easter postcard here.

More cards here to send or frame.

This downloadable image could be used on a number of things! Maybe something like these examples from Tessa Foley:

For making pretty eggs, these tattoos.

Also, these DIY bags are so cute! I think can still follow the instructions even without speaking Dutch. 🙂


This children’s book looks sweet, though I haven’t read it.

Another book to teach them about the true meaning of Easter here.

We received this book from a friend, and although it isn’t exactly an Easter book, it’s a wholesome book that would still be great in their basket.

A sweet handmade ceramic cross.

Noah’s Ark playset. Jack just saw this and said, “oh Noah’s Ark is pretty!” 🙂

Ivory shredded paper basket filler here.

Natural raffia filler here.

This is one of my favorite ribbons! I like the light blue and light pink too.

Here is a skinnier version, which might be better for tying up cellophane treat bags.

Adorable prints here.

The most adorable bunnies and clothes here.

Another darling bunny here.

Little Brother Mouse in a Box. We picked up a bigger mouse in a box for Jack when we were in France a few years ago! He’s just now big enough to know how to play with it (almost 4 years old). The cutest little mice here.

Garden wheelbarrow set, here.

Wonder if these marshmallow eggs are any good? Made in USA.

Candy butterflies here.

These candy long stem roses are made without artificial colors. Imported from Germany.

I’m going to check Annedore’s to see if she has chocolate bunnies or crosses closer to Easter. Would love to support her small business. (She’s next door to JSH.)

Kids paintbrush set here.

Kids gym mat, comes in shades of pinks too! Obv too big for their basket, but still might be nice for wrestling matches or gymnastics in the living room!? 

Jack has a pair of these and loves them! He’s about to outgrow the 9-36 month size.

Stacking challenge for a toddler, here.

George received this bunny pillow from Santa. It’s as big as him! I think he’ll like sleeping with it one day soon – maybe when he transitions to a toddler bed.

Rainboots! Again, too big for the basket but a sweet Eastertime gift. These are our fave rainboots. Made in Spain. They hold up better than any other brand we’ve tried (Hunter) and will be hand-me-downs for George. They usually stock several pretty colors (we have the mustard yellow, light blue, and sage green) so check back to see what’s new in; I bet they’ll have more pretty colors to choose from this spring. 

Here’s a cute way for the bunny to leave the new boots, below:


Table inspiration from Tessa Foley.

Cabbage/grape leaf inspo from m.o. endres.

How cute is this Empty Tomb craft that I found on Pinterest? I want to try this with Jack! If it turns out cute, it could be a centerpiece. Could use grass seed instead of moss.

A beautiful linen peony print tablecloth, made in the UK. I love this!

Many sizes available for this one here. I’ve ordered from this shop before and received good service. Ships directly from India. You might need to wash your linens upon arrival because of the strong smell of the ink. The smell will quickly dissipate, though.

We have a similar set of these linen pinstriped napkins.

Gilded herb napkin rings! Would be pretty all year actually.

Striped and scalloped napkins here.

Gingham napkins here.

Handmade placemats in various sizes here.

Dillard’s cabbage collection here. More cabbage ware here & here.

Another classic charger here.

Leslie from Segreto found the moss chargers above on Etsy here.

Vintage mother of pearl here.

Jadite! I have a whole collection that we eat on daily. I’ve been collecting since high school. 🙂

A set of vintage ironstone plates here. Made in Germany.

Antique French candelabra.

Tortoise flatware here.

Basket weave flatware here.

For $5, you can’t beat this vase. I have several! Great shape. Perfect for flowers or candles. Made in France.

Image via MyCottageGarden

The carrot centerpiece is interesting?! Not sure if I could pull that off.

I just ordered a few more of these little plastic lined rattan planters to force some spring bulbs in. (Or transplant some sprouting bulbs found at Rural King or the grocery store.) 🙂 Would make a pretty display on your Easter table, or a great gift, or just something happy to sit around the house and enjoy – like this:

Hyacinth bulbs via Longfield Gardens

Via Vickie Archer

Lily of the Valley from Loi Thai

via italianbellavita.com



Image from a quick DDG search

Tuck a few greens and twigs into a dead pot. Could also add some height with twigs, and tuck in some forced tulips or lilies. Add some fresh eggs if you have them! 

via Content in a Cottage

French church candlesticks.

Christian flag here.

Cheap doormat here. Could easily DIY this!

Tie this up with a pretty bow to the door. Could maybe DIY with dried moss also.

Image via Hometalk

This DIY carrot door hanger could very easily be one of those Pinterest fails for me! I’m going to avoid attempting it, but I’m leaving it here for y’all to consider! 🙂

Linen + scallops. Here.

Sage/cream oversized pillow. They come in light pink, blue and beige also. Target has gone woke, so I try not to shop there, but nevertheless I do have these pillows and love them! 🙂 They have zippers to wash the covers (and to eventually replace the filling because it’s lacking). Wish they had matching bedskirts in this fabric.

Tone on Tone spring mantle

Gather a collection of bird prints for display, or vintage Easter postcards, etc.

Neat idea from RecyclArt.org

I usually don’t go for stuff like this but this sign is tasteful! Made in Illinois.


I think I’ve shared this sermon before. It’s from our Houston church a few years ago and hits the nail on the head. If the resurrection didn’t actually happen, then nothing else matters. Period. Must listen.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing Whole30. I’m off of it now but it was very difficult! (No sugar, no grains, no seeds, no dairy, no weird fats, no legumes.) I think I might do something again very similar for Lent. From my bible study this morning: “When we fast, we are taking time to set aside distractions and eliminate the things in our lives which may mask what our souls truly need.”


I hope y’all enjoyed this early Easter roundup and are having a nice long weekend! Speaking of MLK, have y’all read this? I’m working my way through it and already seeing parallels of what’s happening again today. I can totally relate to his views on civil disobedience.


Recipe testing today – Carrot Cakes!


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  1. Tena Thorne

    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful decor ideas. I love Easter too and this year it means more than ever to me due to what’s going on in America. It will give me hope. I used to be a caregiver to Hannah and I still miss driving up that hill to see her. I can still hear that creaky old rocker on the back porch. The house looks amazing and I hope I can come see it when the pandemic is over with. I wish you and your family a lifetime of joy and health in your new home.


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