Fresh Eggs Daily

We’re getting about 9 eggs a day now from our hens! Back in May/April of this year, Blaine fixed up grandma’s old chicken coop and made it good enough for new residents.

The coop sits on top of an old concrete silo foundation. It hasn’t been touched in years. Today it still looks much the same. Maybe one day I’ll actually clean it and make it look more attractive?! 🙂

The old coop. Untouched in years!

When we purchased grandma’s property a dog was staying at the coop.

Adding a new run.

Blaine adding a fenced-in run in front of the coop.

The new run is complete.

Blaine and Jack purchased our girls from Rural King. They were the $1 special that day. 🙂 I’m not 100% certain what breed they are! Some sort of Red we’re thinking.

After a couple of weeks in the brooder (in the shop) they transitioned nicely to the coop. 

Initially, we had a fox get a few of our girls. We let them free range in yard throughout the day and that’s when it happened. Blaine took care of the fox.

Lincoln is really good with the girls and helps deter predators too. 

We’ve since added some Barred Plymouth and Ameraucana (which will lay blue eggs) girls to our flock. To safely introduce new girls to the flock, Blaine added this cage inside of the coop. This way they’ll get used to seeing each other.

Of the 7 Barred Plymouths we bought, only one turned out to be barred. The others are mystery breeds!

After having the girls for about 5 months, we got out first egg!

Our very first egg!

Not only do the eggs provide us a daily source of healthy protein, but they give Jack a meaningful chore. He gets a quarter for collecting eggs for me and bringing them inside to the kitchen. 🙂

Having chickens is actually a lot easier than I though it’d be. Glad we went ahead and got them!

Jack’s haul – using grandma’s old egg basket that we found tucked away in the garage.



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