Estate Sale on Poplar Street


I arrived at 8:55am with baby George in tow and got in the back of the line. I haven’t been to a sale in a long while, especially one on Thursday where you have to take a number and wait outside to be called in. I was number 61! Thankfully everyone moved pretty quickly and we were inside within about 15-20 minutes of waiting out in the cold.

The line to get in at opening time.

Here is the Google view of the house in the spring. It’s a huge house with three stories and a full basement! It’s for sale!

The home sits on beautiful west Poplar Street in Harrisburg, which has some of the prettiest and most historic homes in the county. It definitely needs some major work to restore it. Under the green carpet must be hardwoods. I wonder if the floors salvageable. I saw radiators throughout the house, which if work properly would be great to keep using for heat. A high velocity HVAC system would be nice to install.

Beautiful trim and molding throughout the house.

The kitchen is through a small butler’s pantry area and is a good size.

I like the old tile floor!

So many windows! Love them. Pretty hardwoods on the second floor.

Another bathroom that looks pretty great.

Most of the homes on this street have a second story sleeping porch on the south side.

The third story has endless possibilities! Old twin beds were up here during the sale.

And a mini kitchen.


The basement is entered through the kitchen.


I came home with a few things. First, this antique cherry secretary.

I placed it in our family room, for now. It might end up in the garage apartment when we get around to that project.

I found an old blue and white quilt that I have covering the couch in our den. I liked its color and price. 🙂

Btw, we’re adding windows here soon!

Another purchase was this yellow and white quilt. It’s handmade and I loved the scalloped edge. For now, it’s a layer on Jack’s bed.

It was a fun sale! I hope somebody with some ambition buys the house and restores it. It could be amazing!

The next estate sale in our area starts this Friday in Paducah, Kentucky. It looks like a good one! 


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