Raised Bed Garden – Part I

Audrey Hepburn said, β€œTo plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Blaine and I have decided to start a small garden this year. We’re planning to do raised beds instead of a traditional in-ground garden.

Grandma used to have a large in-ground garden here on the property, but we decided to try raised beds near the house instead. For the beds, I got inspiration from Joan from for the love of a house. We purchased some corten steel planters, which will rust to patina but then never rust completely through. I would have liked to shopped local for beds/planters, but nevertheless Wayfair was the cheapest place I saw for corten weathering steel… 

Joan’s pretty kitchen garden – using corten steel planters

Since the biggest size offering was 4ft x 4ft, we purchased 8 and will butt them up to make 4 raised beds – each sized 4ft x 8ft. (Another idea from Joan!)

Below is what they’re supposed to look like once rusted to patina.

Corten steel is typically seen in modern design, but I think it’ll look good with our traditional country home too.

sustainable garden

Inspiration image via L’Essenziale

Inspiration image via Bo Bedre

The Square Foot Gardening book has been a great resource for us as we decide what to plant. I’m thinking we’ll want two beds of culinary herbs, a salad garden (which we probably need to plant asap before it gets too hot!), and maybe a salsa garden. It would be neat to grow some interesting varieties of corn too.

Square Foot Gardening

I’ll share more about our layout and what we’re planting soon!

Lately, I’ve had a bit of fun virtually shopping/getting ideas for a few garden structures. I think Blaine could make some of these, or perhaps I could find something similar locally. 

Bean pole crooks from Detroit Garden Works

Plant tunnels from Detroit Garden Works

Plant Crooks

More crooks – used to hold string lights along a pathway

Plant belle topiary forms

Willow border fence from Terrain

My sources for garden structure inspiration are from:

Detroit Garden Works


Thompson + Hansen (cute shop in Houston!)

Another favorite source for tools:

Garrett Wade



What are some of your favorite garden shops? Are you planting a garden this year?




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