Plaster Prints

A little project that I’ve been wanting to do was set the boy’s hand and foot prints in plaster. My dad helped me finish it just this week!

I started with some Italian shadow boxes that I had ordered from Sourced by Janet Wiebe a few months ago. I never really loved the intaglios, so I had an idea to replace them with the boy’s prints instead.

Before – the framed intaglois

Jack’s hand just barely fit in the plaster molds! Good thing we did this project now before his hands grown any bigger! 🙂 We used Plaster of Paris from the hardware store. Dad made the square molds out of some scrap wood in his workshop.

Jack’s handprints – we did a few just in case one broke when trying to pop the mold edges off

Once the plaster dried, Dad played around with finishes using oil based and acrylic paints. 

I went with a cream and brown finish to help make the prints pop.

Jack – almost 3 years old

George – 1 week old

I’m thinking of hanging them in our bedroom.

Perhaps above our bedside tables…

Aren’t they sweet!?

By the way, I’m not sure I ever shared our new bed with y’all? We ordered it in 2019 from Charles P. Rogers. We lived on cheap bedrails and a homemade upholstered headboard for the longest time – so I was super excited to finally have a real bed! 🙂

And just for fun – here’s a before look of our bedroom when Grandma lived here.

Until next time!



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