Garage Guest House

Turning our garage into a guest house has been on our 10 year plan for some time. This year, with the Covid pandemic, we’ve had a house guest living with us since March. Our friend, Matt, who lives and works in Africa, was sent back to the US until things settle down. 

Matt and my husband working on our landscape

Blaine and Jack (2) planting more boxwoods out front of our house

With Matt in our guest room, we’ve all been quite comfortable for the last several months.  But, come February 2021, our guest room will have a new occupant!

Baby Hust #2 due February 2021!

Hopefully Matt will be able to return to Africa by then, but who knows! Anyway, it had us thinking of perhaps pushing up our garage renovation plans.

Here is what our garage looks like today:


It’s fairly small – just big enough for one car. I think we can make into a cute little guest house, though. We’re thinking of placing a bed/beds and restroom upstairs. Downstairs would have a tiny kitchen and living space.

I’ve been searching for inspiration:


holly mathis brass bed - Google Search

Upstairs inspiration. The old attic office of Holly Mathis.


From Cote de Texas. Twin bed placement option for upstairs.

Pink Persimmon

From Pinterest. Interesting concept with the curtains.

Play With Pattern: Help loosen up a traditional bedroom by adding mismatched quilts.

From Country Living.

From In the Fields. Single bed placement option for upstairs.

guesthouse bedroom

Tiny sink inspiration from In the Fields.

Tiny sink in the Paris apartment of our friend, Warren.

Tiny bathroom in the French farmhouse we stayed in last summer.

Just big enough to brush your teeth and wash your face!

Shower inspiration from In the Fields.


Tone on Tone - Interior & Garden Design

Downstairs inspiration. From Tone on Tone. Notice the carriage doors behind the settee.

From In the Fields. Kitchen inspiration. (No stove.)

Here is the same tiny kitchen as above.

Our farmhouse kitchen in France. Mini appliances. Just enough counter space to make coffee and do dishes.

Side note, the little kitchen above is from a sweet little farmhouse we stayed at in Provence last summer! 

Looking out our little French farmhouse patio door.

Here’s an outside view of the farmhouse. Hi Blaine! 🙂

I guess I never did a post on our France trip!  Maybe someday I’ll document it here. 🙂


Until next time, Miranda

Me, Jack and Blaine. Summer 2020 visitng family in North Dakota.

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