Window Coverings for the Family Room

I love all the windows in our family room and the natural light they let in.  We have six windows in total, plus the 15 glass panel front door and its sidelights are part of the room. During the renovation, we added back new windows that flank the fireplace, where original ones once were. 

Our living room today (not showing piles of laundry to be folded)

At times, it would be nice to have filtered light, though. (i.e. trying to rock a baby with direct southern light blinding us!)  So, I’ve been thinking about what sort of window coverings we’d like to do.  Here’s what I’ve been drawn to:

Project IV

Image from Rustic Rooster


Ginger Barber’s work – Houston bedroom


Image from Instagram


Houston project by Tessa, via IG


Ginger Barber Interiors, Houston


Design by Holly Mathis – Texas




From John De Bastiani


Heather Chadduck Hillegas – Pineapple House project Living Room


Ginger Barber in Houston – Project in NY


Bunk room by Heather Chadduck Hillegas


Image from Homemade in Heaven blog


Leta Austin Foster


Power couple John Rosselli and Bunny Williams – inside their Manhattan apartment


Very Palm Beach – from Leta Austin Foster!


The Glam Pad via Southern Living


Maura’s entry, via Instagram


Maura’s bedroom, via Instagram


Tessa via Instagram

Are you sensing a theme!?

We’re going to budget for some natural fiber blinds soon… 

Curtains to be researched next.  I have a whole bolt of fabric that we bought in Houston (on clearance) which I intended to use for curtains, but now I’m second guessing its use…  So, we’ll start with the natural fiber blinds and figure out curtain fabric later. 🙂



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