Rain Gutters

We’ve been living in our house for about two years now without gutters!  

Half round, zinc gutters

When it rains for long periods of time, water often leaks into our basement.  We think the lack of gutters directing the water away from the house is contributing to that.

Rainwater Head

Rainwater hopper on St. Andrew’s church, Great Britain

For the look of our gutters, I initially agreed to plain white standard builder’s grade.

Notice the gutters at Kate & William’s apartment have a royal stamp

But after some studying and cost comparison, we settled on half-round style gutters.  They won’t be much more expensive than builder’s grade and will look so much better!  They will fit the age of the house.

Half round, copper gutters and downspout with a standing seam porch roof

Half-round galvalume gutter

Half round, galvalume gutters

Because our standing seam roof is galvalume, we ordered galvalume gutters and downspouts to match.  Based on my husband’s load calculations, we need 8″ size half-rounds.  We’re excited to get them installed soon and divert water away from our basement/foundation.

Half round, galvalume gutter and downspout


Classic Gutter Systems in Michigan is where we ordered from.  They will arrive here tomorrow!



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