We started tiling the guest bathroom tub enclosure over Christmas break (2017)!  After about 4 days of tiling work, Blaine and I finally finished.  

Blaine starting to tile the tub-shower surround

I chose a bright white 3×6″ classic subway tile.  Bright white tile was chosen to go with the blue-gray shades found in our marble bathroom floorsThe bright white field tiles and bull-nose edge pieces were special ordered thru Home Depot, and it was a nightmare getting it all shipped in at once and picked up.

As for installation, we started with a ledger board towards the bottom, and Blaine used a level and measuring tape to ensure each tile was placed level and square – working his way around the three sides of the tub, and then up.  It was difficult to keep everything straight since the old walls are pretty wonky. 

My application of grout

We used a light grey grout in this bathroom.

Grout and tile work done

For the other two showers in the house, we hired out the work.  (Mainly due to time!)  Again we used bright white subway tile, but used a white grout for another timeless look.

Wet areas were first coated in Red Guard, a waterproofing material

Almost finished in master bath

Master shower tile work done

First day’s work on the downstairs shower

Before grouting

I had the hired help redo a few rows because some of the tiles weren’t installed evenly

Tile work in the bathrooms was complete in February 2018.  And just yesterday, we had the shower glass installed.  🙂  Keeping it real with the compressor and other miscellaneous items laying around:

Downstairs bath with new glass installed. Notice we have yet to finish the crown molding and trim out the windows.

C shaped handles in polished nickel

In the guest/kids bath upstairs, I simply hung a linen curtain on a polished nickel rod.

It’s so nice to have the tub and showers finished!  It wasn’t long ago we were showering in the basement.  😀


Until next time,

~Miranda (and Jack)

My “helper”

4 thoughts on “Showers

  1. Karla in CA

    Your showers look lovely!

    I think white tile is the only way to go in a shower. So clean, versatile, and classic. My first home was built in 1993 and when it came time to pick out tile colors the showroom had every shade of periwinkle blue and dusty rose (trendy colors of that era) but no white. I asked for white. I was warned several times by the interior designer that I would regret it. I was the only homeowner who installed white tiles in the bathroom. Years later, the neighbors hated their dusty rose/periwinkle blue tile and wished they had gone with the white!!!

    Glad you weathered the storm. Your sweet home is keeping you safe.

    Have a Happy 4th of July! Little Jack’s first Independence Day!
    Best wishes,
    Karla in CA


      Thank you, we’re on the same wavelength, Karla! I agree that a simple solid white or cream tile is so classic. It may be boring, but boring is timeless. Good going on avoiding trendy periwinkle & rose! 🙂 Have a happy 4th! BBQ and time at the pool with friends and family is what we have planned. ~Miranda


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