Soapstone Counters

Hi!  With the new baby, I’m a little behind on my posts.  Kitchen and mudroom countertops have been installed for some time now.  We chose black soapstone in both locations for its beauty (cream veins, gray chalky appearance or waxed to a dark luster) and material characteristics (non-porous, heat tolerant, non-reactive to acids like lemon juice and other chemicals).  It’s also historically accurate for the age of our home, as it is one of the oldest stone countertop materials used in the US.

One of the slabs we selected

Apologies for my brevity – I only have a few minutes while our sweet baby boy naps! 

Creating countertop templates

Fabrication begins

Making the radius cuts for one of our farmhouse sinks

Install day

Finishing the seam in the kitchen

Applying mineral oil

The mudroom’s countertop is a single piece (no seams).

Hope you enjoyed this quick photo tour of our new countertops!


2 thoughts on “Soapstone Counters

  1. Karla in CA

    Dreamy! Great choice. It appears that they have a matte finish once the mineral oil soaks in. Is that true? If so, I love that.

    Congratulations on your little boy. His sweet face is quite expressive in your instagram photos. he is a lucky little fellow to grow up in such a love filled home.

    Best wishes!

    1. Miranda Hust Post author

      Hi Karla, You’re right that the soapstone dries to a matte chalky appearance if left un-oiled. We almost installed marble in the kitchen and now I’m glad we went with the lower maintenance black soapstone. It is arguably just as pretty as marble too with subtle cream veins throughout. We did however put marble in the bathrooms and I love it there. Thank you, Jack sure is keeping us busy as first time parents but we are enjoying every moment. Hope you’re having a nice spring!


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