Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville

I just returned home last night from a brief trip to the Antiques and Garden Show Nashville.  This was my first time attending the show.  I went with my friend, Kate, and we had a great time!

The stunning entry was designed & created by Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.

This show was definitely more polished and tailored than the Texas Antique Week type shows I’m used to attending.  It consisted of mostly high end dealers, some of which also sell at Texas Antique Week. 

My first purchase was a few bundles of French hotel silver from TwoMasions– surprisingly this matches a set I already have which I purchased in Houston a while ago!  (Though the small dessert teaspoons I don’t already have.)

Walking thru the booths and talking to owners, we took in lots of mini history lessons – which kept it interesting!

A rhubarb forcer – who knew?

There were a few retro (circa 1950s) hourglass planters by the Swiss architect Willy Guhl . We also saw one of his handkerchief planters there too (below). 

Here was the handkerchief planter we saw.


These spoons, made in London in 1771 by Orlando Jackson, were so pretty.  

I liked this little silver French cow spice shaker (circa 1864-93).

Antique textile pillows by Rebecca Vizard.  Her dogs collars are so fancy – Linc & Tillie would have theirs covered in mud here within a day..

These glass bulb forcers are rare. I overheard the owner say that Bunny Williams shopped this booth last year. Would have been neat to meet her!

Made in Louisville, Kentucky, these Museum Bees are made from antique frames. Each is a tiny piece of art work.

Another stunning garden display inside the show

These strikers were cool – I have an old plain white one at home that I use all the time.

We enjoyed a couple (virgin) Bloody Mary’s from the bar!  🙂

This fellow shopper brought her own fixin’s – she had bacon, cheese, olives, and celery in her purse!!! Smart lady!

This Venetian glass mirror was SO pretty at Side Door Antiques.

This would be so cute to set your dog bowls on. I was tempted!

I purchased a couple tassels for decoration around our house.

At home, I hung one on a key to our large server.

We bought a few topiaries – westringia, ivy, and dwarf myrtle.

My trained ivy ring back at home.

(Note to self on caring for the myrtle here.)

My dwarf myrtle at home in our mudroom.

Kate bought this large basket for storing throws and blankets in her living room.

Faux bois planters

I had to touch these to see that they’re real Amaryllis.

We loved this French server with original wavy glass

I bought this European wine demijohn for a project. Ann at A-List Antiques sold it to me.

Here it is back home in my (messy) office. (Next to it is the TJ Maxx knock-off I had been using as a lamp base.)

I was temped by these 8.5 ft ladders which were once used in an art school. I thought one propped against the wall would be neat in a bathroom to hold towels, or living room to hold blankets.

Very old Saddle Stones, which I talked about here.

Potted meat containers – would be cute by the stove filled with salt or other commonly used spices

Kate talking rugs with Turkish dealer, Nashville Rug Gallery. He had the best prices of all the rug dealers there.

I bought a couple small wool rugs for around the house from him, including this blue and cream one.

More hotel silver.

This leather top library table had a pretty patina.

I almost purchased this 18th century Italian tapestry. I thought it would be pretty displayed as art work. In the end, I opted for a mirror instead. (Below).

Here is the large gilt mirror that came home with us, purchased from H.H. Walker and Company. It’s nearly 3 ft wide by 5 ft tall.

I didn’t get the history of this table, but the detailed inlay was very pretty. Wish I would’ve talked to the owner to get the details of this special piece – it cost more than a new luxury car.

Sunday morning for brunch, we met up with an old friend at Fido.  I’m ’bout to pop… just a few more weeks left!

Me, Kate, Ashton

One final stop before leaving Nashville was Trader Joe’s.  Kate and I loaded up on groceries before making the short drive back home to southern Illinois.  Upon returning home, I found that my husband and parents had been working on our house most of the weekend and accomplished many things while I was away!

  1. Hung the downstairs bathroom chandelier and installed its toilet
  2. Installed doors throughout (notice some still need stripped)
  3. Hung the chicken chandelier in the mudroom
  4. Installed the master lavatory faucet
  5. Painted the north bedroom closet walls
  6. Fixed the trash can handle in the kitchen
  7. Wired a couple more sconces in the upstairs hall

I’m one lucky gal – thanks Blaine, mom & dad!  This was my last mini vacation before the baby comes in a few short weeks.  Hope to share with y’all baby Hust’s nursery soon.  



3 thoughts on “Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville

  1. Karla in CA

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look radiant!

    FYI: I don’t know why but only a few of your photos loaded in your post. All of the captions appeared but only two photos (entry to the garden show and the one of you and your two friends).

    I am in awe of your loving and supportive husband and family. Your home and child are filled with love. So beautiful.

    Take care.

    1. Miranda Hust Post author

      Thank you! Baby should be here within a few weeks. And thanks for letting me know about the photos. I just now installed some updates so hopefully it did the trick. ~Miranda


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