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Hello friends, I hope your week is off to a good start so far.  Apologies to my subscribers who received an email this morning about this post; I published it prematurely.  After some editing, here it is again. 🙂

I’m happy to share that our hardwood floors are finished!  After walking and working on sub-floor downstairs for such a long time (nearly 2 years), it’s hard to believe these newly finished floors are really ours.

Downstairs, we installed new white oak flooring, which I talked about how it was made HERE.  As I have been looking back at our progress over the years, I must say the transformation is quite incredible.  I hope Grandma would be pleased.

The new hardwood flooring covers the entirety of the main level, except for the bathroom and mudroom – both of which will get stone tile instead.

We chose not to stain the raw white oak, rather we just applied a clear coat satin finish.

The family room today with new floors

A close up of the white oak

Main level hall with new floor and unfinished stairs

Upstairs, we had the old yellow pine floors (which I talked about HERE) sanded and professionally painted.  We’re very happy with how they turned out also.

Sanding begins, summer 2017

After sanding, a heavy duty primer was applied before coating the floors in two coats of floor-paint.  

Still wet, looking into master

Bob, our floor guy, applying the paint

Lastly, a clear satin topcoat was applied.

Upstairs hallway with finished floors

The north bedroom with newly finished floors (outside you can see that it’s almost harvest time)

The color I chose for the floors was Ben Moore’s Swiss Coffee.  

OC45 – Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

This color will go well with Ballet White and Simply White, both of which we’re using upstairs on other surfaces (walls and ceilings).

The East bedroom with finished floors

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of our flooring updates so far.  Our bathroom tile should arrive here sometime this week, so we’ve been busy prepping sub-floors for it. 

Downstairs bathroom getting prepped for floor tile

Looking forward to sharing finished tile floors with y’all soon.  Catch glimpses of the action between posts on my Instagram.

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “Flooring Update

  1. Karla

    I discovered your blog and Instagram through Joan’s “For The Love Of A House” earlier this year and have really enjoyed the progress updates on your home.
    The post on how your new oak flooring was produced was especially interesting. I appreciate how you incorporate historical facts (your clay pipe replacement post) and attention to details (oak flooring and wall resurfacing posts, to name a few) for your readers to add to their knowledge of home restoration.
    Also, your dog wash station was absolute genius!
    I am touched by the support of your family and how often they come by to help. It is heartwarming to read about their love for your home, as well.
    There is a lot of love under that roof. What a beautiful thing.
    Best wishes,
    Karla in CA.

  2. Miranda Hust Post author

    Hi Karla in Cali! I so admire the work that Joan and Dan have done on their old farmhouse. Joan’s style is classic & timeless, which is an inspiration for me. I appreciate you reading about our work here at grandma’s house and taking the time to comment. It was a joy to read it – thank you!
    Kind regards,

    1. Karla

      My pleasure. And, thanks for your kind words!
      Noticed on your Instagram that you got a 1500lb parcel from the UPS man. Something tells me you are going to be busy bees this weekend.
      Enjoy all of the satisfaction that a hard day’s work can bring. You are getting closer to moving in every day!
      Karla in CA
      PS: No need to reply- I know you are busy!


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