Last weekend, we moved most of the hot water radiators back into the same place they’ve sat for the previous 100 years.  They were removed earlier this summer in order to make way for flooring and wall refinishing.  While they were out in the open, I took the time to clean, sand and repaint them.

Resting on the front porch, waiting for their makeover.

After cleaning and a light sanding, an oil based rust preventing primer was applied.  Then, a coat of latex paint was sprayed on.  (I found that borrowing a friend’s spray gun and applying the paint in this manner made for a much cleaner and thorough finish, as compared to painting by hand with a brush.)

To keep these heavy pieces looking light and airy, I painted them the trim color that we’ll use throughout the house, Ben Moore’s White Dove.

The single upstairs radiator was kept in the guest bathroom for its makeover (instead of lugging it down and back up the stairs).

Upstairs hall radiator amidst demo.

Once its makeover was complete, Dad and Blaine loaded her up and moved her back into position against the hallway wall.

Getting these heavy radiators back into position was not an easy task.  We reused the existing plumbing, so things had to line back up just so.

Upstairs radiator back at her old position. Notice I painted the newly plastered wall and the painted wood floors were also refinished while she was away.

My uncle David’s industrial cart was used for transportation.  Ropes were tied around either end to use as leverage when taking the radiators on and off the cart.  

To get the cart wheels over the front door threshold, a motorcycle and car jack were used.

To protect our flooring during the move, we laid Masonite hardboard down.

Family room radiator back in place.

Rolling back in the den’s radiator.

Wooden boards were used to leverage the heavy iron radiators as blocks were removed under the feet.

The den’s radiator today – back in its place.

Dining room’s radiator coming back into place.

We estimated these large radiators weigh between 700-800 pounds each! 

Blaine and Dad reattaching the plumbing.

Dining room radiator is moved back in.

Although we installed a heat pump, the additional heat provided by these radiators will be a nice addition to the comfort of the home.  Plus, I’ll have the perfect spot to rise cinnamon rolls and other yeast dough for many winters to come.  😉






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