Dogwash Station on a Budget

Something I wanted to be sure we had before moving-in this fall is a warm place to wash the dogs. The weather is starting to turn cooler, and soon the outdoor garden hose bath we’ve been giving the dogs won’t be pleasant.  

So, Blaine and I took a few minutes over the weekend to install a dog wash area in our basement.

Blaine plumbing in the shower hardware

In a basement corner where a makeshift shower used to exist, we placed a new spout for the dogs.  We used this space because a functioning floor drain already exists.

We used this utility shower hardware from Menards.  Note, we mounted it high enough on the wall for a person to use also.  (I can’t imagine showering here myself unless I fall into a mud puddle and get covered head to toe, which is quite possible!)

Instead of the standard stationary shower head, we installed a budget friendly hand-held spray version.

One thing we plan to change is replace the 5 ft hose with a longer one.  This will allow us to reach underneath their bellies and spray their paws really good!

So all in, our low-cost dog wash station adds up to $85:

Plumber – Free 🙂

Shower faucet hardware – $45

Handheld spray head – $20

Longer hose – $20

Now we’re all set-up to keep our adventurous dirty doggies clean this fall & winter.

I’d say this is $85 well spent!  Clean doggies = clean home = happy me = happy hubby.  🙂


Today on 9/11 we’re remembering the fallen from 16 years ago and feel much respect for the first responders.  Wishing y’all a good rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “Dogwash Station on a Budget

  1. Tena Thorne

    This is a very good idea for your furbabies. I remember Hannah taking many showers down there, wish she would have had a hand-held shower at the time, but we made do and she never complained…not She was tough as a pine knot.


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