New Beginnings – Spring 2017

Hi friends, I hope your spring has been good so far!  It’s been busy for us; since my last post we have finished selling our Houston house and moved to southern Illinois. 

We are working to get the farmhouse livable. (For now, we’re staying with my parents.)  Drywall is up, as I mentioned here, so the next phase is to get it covered in modern plaster.

Veneer Finish Plaster we sourced for the project.

I plan to post finished plaster photos soon. For now, here is a look around the property this spring.

Orange Dayliles, or Ditch Lilies, are blooming everywhere.

Earlier this week, we trimmed some of the trees around the house, which was long overdue.

One of two Juniper trees that we trimmed branches off up to head height.

On the wounds, we applied Treekote. It is supposed to prevent disease and rot.

Here is the pile of trimmings (from just three trees)!

The dogs are settling in nicely to life in the country.

Lincoln naps on the back porch while we work.

Tillie resting in the shade.

Although I have managed to kill Grandma’s rose bushes, the garlic is still alive.

Purple garlic with Queen Anne’s lace in our crazy weed patch beside the house.

The Magnolia tree in our backyard is now in full bloom too. 

This 50-year-old Lilac bush was cut back last year. This year is hasn’t bloomed. Any ideas? I sure hope we didn’t kill it!

We recently managed to hang one of the seven exterior light fixtures. Baby steps!  🙂

More pretty weeds, Queen Anne’s lace, beside the garage.

Working on the house from 800 miles away was difficult over the past two years. We have so much more work to do, and now it feels good just to be present and available to work on the house daily.  

Here is a peek at one of the plastered bedrooms upstairs. It’s a subtle texture. More to come! 

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  1. pve

    Oh how magnificent that you are giving some love and attention to your Grandma’s home. I would love to illustrate some of your images, with your permission.
    pve design


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