I Quit!

After nearly a decade in the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry, I did it…

… I quit!

Or rather, I retired

…after Blaine and I finally met our long term financial goal.

How, you ask?

  • By living debt free, within our means, and paying cash for everything.
    • (Except houses, which we pay off asap)
  • Monthly budgeting.
  • Getting some inspiration from here, though we still like fancy cars & nice things, and are nowhere near this frugal.

I had a job that I’d worked so hard to get – a Senior Drilling Engineer for a major Oil & Gas Operator. Leaving was not easy. 

5 Greenway Plaza in Houston, Texas

The day before I turned in my two-week notice, I sat thru this sermon on Contentment, Trust and Peace.

It was the final nudge I needed!

I quit that following Monday morning, and our dream of being able to raise our (future) family in a quiet small town near family and friends became reality.  Blaine will continue working, traveling offshore on rotation, for the time being.

My husband Blaine at my “final pre-spud” party (center)

And we are moving north to finish the house very soon!

Me with Ricardo, a peer


 Coworkers arranged a Happy Hour “Final Pre-Spud” event on my last week of work.

Mike & Larry, my drill bit and cementing gurus

With Mariela, she helped organized the secret signing of my hardhat!


I will miss them all dearly.

On to smaller, simpler, and better things.




2 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. Rose Cloyd

    Miranda, Loved your exit above…..photos and captions…..congratulations and Best of luck in Harrisburg! Rose


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