For Sale

Last week we listed our Houston ranch style home for sale!

And we’re happy to say that after 1.5 days on the market we have a potential buyer and are under contract!

Fingers crossed that home inspections go good this week and the sale goes thru without a hitch.

This is our first home together and we worked so hard to whip it into shape. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears were shed over the last 5 years of owning it!

When we purchased the house, it had the original 1965 kitchen layout and appliances. The new kitchen was designed and installed by me and Blaine. 

The guest bath used to consist of two small rooms. We made it into one larger room and installed a claw-foot tub.

We didn’t change the layout of the master bath, but upgraded surfaces/finishes and tried to keep it simple.

We’re one more step closer to making the big move to southern Illinois.

Soon we will say goodbye to this sweet house.

Our realtor, Bryan Beene, has been wonderful to work with. If you’re in the Houston area, contact Bryan for your next sale or purchase! He makes the whole process so easy and has great advice.

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