Siding Done!

Between weather delays and running short on product, finishing the exterior siding work has been a long time coming.

Dad monitored the unloading of our first delivery of product late last summer.

Delivery man unloading our product
We finally finished installing the last bit of it yesterday!


Below is the progression.

The south side, which we ran short of laps last fall, was complete yesterday – final caulking was happening as the photo below was taken this evening.
(Thanks mom!)

By the way, if you’re new here, the new corbels I talked about here.  And siding choice I talked about here. It’s a drastic change from what grandma Hannah had covering the house.


The porches also got new beadboard ceilings to mimic the originals.

The white trim-work and window grilles really pop against the dark navy blue.

Notice we put shakes on the dormers for added texture.


It sure feels nice to have this part of the project behind us!

Sending you warm and healthy wishes until next time,

I am recovering from a bout of the flu that hit our office last week!
Thankful to be on the mend.

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