That’s a Wrap

The exterior is currently undergoing a face-lift!  I mentioned a while ago that we’ll be putting new siding on the house, but before that can be installed, lots of other things have to happen.  First of all, the steel siding (which was installed in the ’70s) covering the original redwood siding was removed.

Top half with steel siding removed
The original redwood siding had to come off too. Notice the original siding (on top half above) had a much smaller width & exposure than the steel siding. We’re planning to take the house back to the original clapboard look using a narrow 4 inch exposure on our new planks.
Steel and wood siding layers removed
Under the original wood clapboards is the old pine sheathing.
Sheathing exposed on west facing second story
After exposing the old wood sheathing, it was then wrapped in Tyvek HomeWrap.  This product will protect the wood sheathing from the elements should the clapboard be penetrated, and will allow the house to breathe. (It is designed to keep air and water from coming in, and will let water vapor out.)


We hired Zach Hawk and his crew to do this exterior work for us. Not only does Zach understand our vision for the house, he also has experience installing JamesHardie products – which is something somewhat hard to find in a contractor in rural southern Illinois.  We are thankful to have found him.


Rotting and termite eaten sheathing was replaced, as needed, before installing the HouseWrap.


New sheathing on bottom of north side


North side wrapped up
East facing second story getting attention


East bedroom wrapped


Front porch all wrapped up
The south side was next…






And then last but not least, the back porch was stripped and wrapped…
Yes, the Greek style columns are going bye-bye
Hi Dad  🙂
Hi Lincy
Please excuse mom’s finger!
Thanks mom for snapping pics for us daily 🙂
So that’s it for now; it’s all wrapped up like a huge present. All we need now is a giant bow on top. 🙂

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