Day 2 – Texas Antique Week

Yesterday was another 14+ hour day spent at Texas Antiques Week and I loved very minute of it. I set off again before the sun came up and headed west. This time, I took a different route which allowed me to drive a little slower and take some back roads.

Columbus, TX has a charming and active town square.
Pretty green house just a block off the square
Revelation 19:11
11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. 
It was opening day at Marburger Farm and when I arrived yesterday morning there was already a queue of vehicles waiting to get in. I was ushered to park out in one of the back fields. Glad I wore my boots. 
Fayette Country Sherriff deputies were on duty.
Ok, let’s dive into some tents at Marburger…!
There were beautiful chandeliers and textiles…
A stroller of dogs!
Gorgeous stags.
Artfully framed vintage swim suits.
 An explosion of Italian Florentine trays, boxes, frames…
Of all things, I bought a trash can 🙂
This well-worn leather Italian sofa was priced to sell. Wouldn’t have to worry about the dogs getting on this one!
Pretty ironstone ladle and cheese platters.
A few large wooden mushrooms would be cute in a garden!
Karre had a nice booth. Can’t show you what I got because it’s a Christmas present for somebody who might be reading this. 🙂
Vintage enameled barn lights galore.
I loved this display of Majolica butter pat plates.
Lately, I’ve been using my collection of Flow Blue butter pat plates to hold tea light candles around the house.
A carved wood mantle caught my eye.
Another booth was arranged like a cozy living room.
This basket of old soap reminded me of the lye soap that Grandma used to make.
I bought one of these glass doorknobs with a slight purple tinge to use on one of our doors.
These centuries old saddle stones were so neat! They’d be pretty in a garden.
A saddle stone is defined as a low mushroom shaped arrangement of conical and flat circular stone used as a support.
Nesting boxes for 15 birds.
Here is a cheap, simple and pretty way to display corn husks at fall.
Dried hydrangea looks pretty for fall, too.
This little guy was hot!
Lawn jockey with nice patina.
Louis Philippe giltwood mirrors.
This silver one will soon hang in a bathroom at Hannah’s Hill. 🙂
A metal awning would be cute over a store front, chicken coop, or garden shed.
This vintage Royal Dutch Shell light belongs in the office of a petroleum engineer!
Wooden shelf and hooks.
A little hand thrown terracotta pot was perfect for the topiary I purchased yesterday. Let’s hope I can keep this cutie alive.
An old rusty iron bench reminds me of the one in the backyard at Hannah’s Hill.
I also went home with our third (and final) sink vanity for the farmhouse! This one will be placed in the downstairs bath. It’s French circa mid-19th century with hand cut dovetails.  The dealer was from Boston, and after telling him our renovation story, gave me a nice discount.  🙂  Thanks Mario Pollo, if you happen to be reading!
The hardware had me at hello.
By noontime, the lunch barn at Marburger was a full house! I ate at 11 when they first started serving, before the crowd. 🙂
After noon, I left Marburger and hit some smaller places to the south…
This little Craftsman stopped me in my tracks!
The tiny windows resemble the ones we installed.
I don’t think it’s a doll house because there is no access to play in it. Rather, I think it might be a model home display for a Sears Roebuck?! Not sure…
The old man at this tent was asleep, so I didn’t wake him to ask.  🙂
Moving on, there were some pretty antler chandeliers.
A large bovine Flow Blue server.
Copper-topped cupola.
An industrial sized concrete sink, which would be cool for a potting station.
Sweet puppy.
And a mid-late 19th century pedal powered saw.
It still works! This piece is museum quality.
Last but not least, I stopped at Jimmy’s barn. Two Italian chandeliers hanging there were so pretty.
One had 12 candelabra lights and a dark bronze finish.
The other had 8 lights and a gilded finish.
Can you imagine my excitement when I called Blaine to ask about getting one and he suggested getting them both!?!  The 12-light will hang in the dining room, and the 8-light will go somewhere…we have multiple places in the house which call for eight 40 watt candelabras.
Jimmy bought these in France from an Italian guy. They need a thorough cleaning and a change of sockets to fit American bulbs, which I will soon Google how to do.  🙂
Thanks Jimmy for the deal on these beauties!
Btw, to my astonishment, Jimmy actually knows where Harrisburg, IL is! He was a regular at some wild SIU Halloween parties back in the day. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this tour through my lens. If you’re an antique lover and in the area, I highly recommend you go visit this show! It’s going on thru this weekend.  The next show will be March 2017.

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