Day 1 – Texas Antique Week

It’s Texas Antiques Week again and today I had a fun time there!  It’s an event where lots of antique vendors set up shop in large tents for a week or two each spring and fall near Round Top, Texas.  I’ve been going for a few years now and it’s always a great time.  You can generally see there lots of boot-wearing ladies, driving their husband’s truck, on a treasure hunting mission! I pretty much fit that description today except I forgot my boots (regrettably – it was so muddy!) and was driving my friend Matt’s truck instead of hubby Blaine‘s.
At around 6:30 this morning, I hit the road in with a thermos full of fresh coffee, some old blankets, tarps, measuring tape, cash, and my wish-list in tote.

Round Top is about halfway between Houston & Austin.  The countryside is pretty out there.
At my first stop, one of the antique dealers was feeding breakfast to Gus. I forget the type of dog he is, but the dealer rescued him from a breeder who had kept Gus in a cage for all of his first 7 years of life!
Sweet Mr. Gus
Some other things that I saw at my first stop included these vintage European baby bathtubs. Williams Sonoma sells these for $280 (yikes!) and here they were going for $100. They’d be cute planted with herbs and/or flowers.
Love me some blue & white! Flow Blue china is something that I’ve been collecting over the past couple years.
Sorry about the bad reflection on the photo, but I couldn’t resist sharing these Victorian blown glass corn cob Christmas ornaments. They’d be right at home on some of my Aunt & Uncle’s trees.
At my next stop, another dealer’s pup greeted me. 🙂  He was selling beautiful Persian rugs.
I purchased a coral and blue rug fragment which was sewn into a pillow cover.
 For now, it’s livening up our all-white guest bed.
I ran across a vintage enamel light fixture (below) and it reminded me of the reproduction version we ordered last week for the back porch. We decided on these which have an up-lighting feature to allow some of the light to highlight the bead board porch ceilings.
Speaking of lighting, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this wooden French chandelier.  Of course it was listed out of my price range, but Lesson Learned: it doesn’t hurt to ask!  To my great surprise, the vendor extended me a generous discount and this beauty will soon find a home at Hannah’s Hill!  (Wax sleeves coming soon.) 🙂
Also, another French chandelier caught my eye. This one is iron and needs to be rewired. I may check back on it tomorrow…
Lisa from Antica Collection had a gorgeous display… and cute puppy…
She said this old leather horse came from an Abercombie & Fitch store in London.
A large gilded crown reminded me of the one I saw hanging over a dining table that Joni blogged about here.
The ladies at Round Top Mercantile Deli make the best sandwiches. I’m not supposed to be eating bread, but today was an exception!
After a quick bite of lunch, I roamed around Henkel Square. Haw Creek Church, built in the mid 1800s, is so charming with its arched front door painted light blue.
I stumbled upon a garden store with several little topiaries.
A Lemon Cypress came home with me.  It was a perfect fit to ride in the cup holder.
I kept heading south towards Warrenton and stopped at a couple places along the way…
These old balusters would make a pretty lamp base.
Stone fruit with iron stems.
If only I had a bakery…. this large counter would be perfect!
A 1938 Ford truck reminded me of my Great-Grandpa Mitchell’s old Chevy that dad restored. It’s what I learned to drive in.
An old doll house, which came from an attic of a large home in Effingham, Illinois, was so cute!
It’s thought to be from the 1860s and made with square-cut iron nails.
Inside, its tiny rooms are finished in wall paper, curtains, and even some colorful carpet.
Another booth was completely dedicated to large vintage electric Christmas figurines…
We got three of Grandma’s angels with the home purchase, so I have my fill! 🙂
Me & Grandma, Large electric angels in background
I don’t see how this doll-head vendor stays in business. Very strange…
The last thing I picked up was a cow hide rug (for Matt). He requested a curly haired one.
On my way back home this evening, I stopped in at Leftovers Antiques, where they always have snacks out for guests (cheese & wine) and loads of pretty displays to enjoy.
Tomorrow I’ll be back at it…with boots on!

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