Runnin’ Pipe

We had some sweet visitors at the farmhouse recently when Blaine’s aunt and cousin came over from Kansas City – and they came ready to work!
On the agenda:  plumbing.
…. certainly not the most exciting work, but critical.
First thing to do was remove some of the piping to make room for new.
Up in the basement ceiling is the original metal piping

Then, new draining & vent lines were installed.
New PVC drain pipes installed, as seen from the basement ceiling
Downstairs bath
Upstairs bathrooms with new drain and vent lines
Deb and Sarah were a big help to Blaine during all of this work!


Of course mom & dad were there helping too 🙂
Up next, PEX lines were ran to deliver hot & cold water to all of our new fixture locations throughout the house.
New PEX installed upstairs


Neatly strung along basement ceiling
Mud room with sink and laundry plumbing installed
While everybody worked, Lincoln supervised. 🙂
Did I mention the AC isn’t completely hooked up yet – so everybody was working in the summer heat!
Looking a little sleepy on the job
Last but not least, we decided to install a few more hose bibbs on the exterior of the house. There used to be just one, and we installed three more – one for each corner of the house.
Overkill? Nah, it’ll be handy. 🙂
Bibbs ready for install
Lastly, the new circulating system was pressure tested – and thankfully it passed on the first try!
Thank you Deb & Sarah for your help; good work!
Blaine with Deb & Sarah getting fresh catfish on the river


They caught the sunset at Garden of the Gods too
When I was flipping thru Blaine’s photos from this trip north, I was happily surprised to see that we had some more sweet notes added to our walls!
Thank you! 🙂


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