Open Air


Below is the oldest photo of the house that I have.

(If any Kane’s are reading and have older photos I’d love to see them! Please message me or leave a comment!)

Late 1950s or early 60s
Front porch is screened

In the early-mid 60s, the house was still screened. Decorative arches were added to the screen tops. The brick columns were painted white.
Circa 1960s

When we bought the house in 2015, you couldn’t even see the front door from the drive. Dark tinted glass had been added behind the arched screens sometime in the last 50 years.

Front of house, circa 2015
Screens and tinted glass cover front porch

It seemed a bit closed off, cold, and uninviting. It was more of an extension of the house than a front porch, which actually was hardly used when mom and her brothers grew up here.

Standing in glassed & screened front porch, looking north, 2015
Ignore the hundreds of dead lady bugs!  :/
Glassed & screened front porch, looking south, 2015
Awkward screened/glassed front porch entry door
We’re not sure when the porch was enclosed, certainly before the 1960s, but believe it originally would have been completely open.  Maybe like this:


Or this:


We decided to open it back up!

I flew up on a long weekend of spring 2016 to help Blaine make it happen. Our friend, Matt, flew up from Texas with me to lend a hand.

He’s single ladies! Just sayin’…  🙂

It was pouring rain the morning we opened up the porch, but that didn’t hold us back!

We were careful not to break the glass as we removed it. The framing and screens actually came out pretty easily after that.

This was some of the most satisfying work we’ve done. It made such a difference in the overall feeling of the house.

Shades off!

The sun came out after we were done.

Hello front door!!!

The house now greets visitors with a more open/welcoming tone.

Open porch from the southeast looking northwest
Chopping the scraggly tree is on our long to-do list)
Looking south, front porch at left now open air

With that job done, we enjoyed some downtime at home with my family. I took a drive with my mom and sister…

Sis driving us south
Lunch at Red Onion
We did some antique shopping just over the river in Kentucky.
Little 4-arm chandelier will be perfect in a small space
10-hen roosting box will be put to good use, hopefully!

And also did some touristy things…

At Old Shawneetown bank
Greek Revival style, built 1839-1841

Meanwhile, the guys rode motorcycles, camped out, and look pictures of the stars.  It’s funny how you miss seeing the stars when living in a big city.

Blaine’s photos

It was a nice trip home and I’m so glad we gave the house some fresh air. 🙂  I think the front porch will be much more enjoyable like this.

Tillie snuggles with her bff on the long drive back south

P.S. Anybody know the best way to remove paint from brick? Please leave a comment!

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