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Old Fashioned Divinity Candy

Divinity candy is a meringue-based, fluffy, chewy, smooth, swirled nougat-like confection that originated in the early 1900s (along with the invention of corn syrup).  It is so delicious, and until now, I hadn’t had much luck making it. 

Grandma’s go-to recipe since she was 18 years old

The ingredients are simple.  And actually so are the instructions.  But there are two key steps that if not done right, the candy will be a failure. 

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Popcorn Balls

Hope y’all had a Happy Halloween last Tuesday!  I spent the afternoon of Hallow’s Eve learning to make my Grandma Jones’s famous popcorn balls.  When I was younger, she used to make them by the dozens, especially around Halloween.  Now in her eighties, she doesn’t make them nearly as often, so I asked her to teach me the recipe so I could start making them from time to time – she graciously agreed.  

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Jones Party of Ten

Hi there! I recently returned from an inspiring, relaxing trip to the Georgia and South Carolina coast and wanted to share some of it with you here.  

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I Quit!

After nearly a decade in the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry, I did it…

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Hill Country

I just got back from a week-long trip with my mom and sister to the Texas Hill Country for a little R&R. This was the longest uninterrupted time I’ve spent with my mom and sis since moving away from home 10 years ago.  We talked, shopped, ate, laughed, slept-in and enjoyed every minute!

Texas bluebonnets

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I’ll Fly Away

It was one year ago today that Grandma Hannah passed away and it seems like yesterday that I was frantically practicing Mark Hayes’ version of I’ll Fly Away to play at her funeral.
I had a short time to learn it, so my version certainly wasn’t as grand as this (the second half is my favorite part):