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A Big Mistake?

The existing yellow pine flooring on our second story is, well, yellow. We’ve sampled many off-the-shelf stains and they all come out a strong yellow-orange color – something I’m personally not too crazy about. 

Our raw yellow pine floors today (after sanding).

Painting our second story’s existing pine wood floors is something we’re I’m considering.  (Blaine is on the fence.)  The decision must be made soon! Continue reading

Wood with Wes

The hardwood flooring for our first floor is being cut this week! Blaine and I are excited for it to be installed soon.  

Knowing that the floor will inevitably get scuffed, scratched, and gain character over time, we wanted something hard but not crazy expensive. Also, I wanted a species relatively light in color with minimal contrast.  

Inspiration – Untreated flooring at the 1805 Woodlawn Plantation.

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Dog Days of Summer

Although we technically are in the dogs days of summer now, it hasn’t much felt like it lately. The weather here has recently been cool, which is a nice change from Houston’s steamy summers we’d gotten used to over the past several years.  Blaine and I have been taking advantage of it by working almost daily to get the house closer to move-in ready.

My Houston lemon tree is thriving in southern Illinois, so far.

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Jones Party of Ten

Hi there! I recently returned from an inspiring, relaxing trip to the Georgia and South Carolina coast and wanted to share some of it with you here.  

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