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December Progress

Merry Christmas!
I was lucky enough to spend Christmas in southern Illinois with friends and family, but unfortunately Blaine was called out to a rig and couldn’t come with me.
December has been a slow month for house progress, but I’ll share with you what little progress we’ve made.
Lincoln on Christmas Eve at Hannah’s Hill

Cozy Nest

Insulation is one of those things that you don’t ever see and probably never think about… until you start paying the energy bill. It can really make a difference in the overall comfort level of a home.
Except for a few areas where windows had been replaced or covered up in the last 50 years, during demo we saw that the house basically had zero insulation in the walls! There was a very small amount in the attic, but not much.  I suppose back in the day, coal was cheap and plentiful so insulation wasn’t a major consideration when building a house.
Southern Illinois Coal Mine – Early 1900s

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